Accident streak in Banyuwangi, 2 Killed

Diposting oleh boy topan on Senin, 25 November 2013 Accidents involving a motorcycle and a car occurred on the main road through town of Banyuwangi , East Java , Wednesday, September 4, 2013 . Two teens who just graduated high school ( SMA ) were killed in the incident .

Two deaths were named Selfiatul Kiptiyah , 19 years old , resident of Village Singomayan , and Ulfa Isna , 19 years old , resident of Village Penataban . Both were killed with a broken head conditions .

The incident took place around 15:00 pm on Jalan Ahmad Yani , exactly in front of the shopping center Roxy . Sumarsono , an eyewitness , said , saw a police motorcycle matic number P 2528 W carrying the victim , touched with another motorcycle from the north .

Ditumpang motorcycle rode two victims who were shaky . That's when the second body was hit by a car panther berplat Regional Employment Board 's red P plate number 426 VP . After being hit by a car , the victim 's body was also run over by a box car that was right behind the official car . " The victim died instantly , " said Sumarsono .
The bodies of the victims were immediately taken to the General Hospital Blambangan . The accident caused long traffic jams on the main street of this town of Banyuwangi .

Selviatul sister , Khairul , said he did not know where the sister went with Ulfa , her best friend . " Since this morning did not meet my brother , " he said when met at the hospital Blambangan .

Based on information compiled by Tempo , Ulfa Selfiatul and new this year graduated from high school in one of Banyuwangi . Both are going to look for a job . When an accident occurs , the victim diploma folder contains scattered at the scene .

Police are still asking for information a number of witnesses who know the traffic accident . Motorcycle casualties and official cars BKD been secured in the Police Traffic Accident Unit Banyuwangi
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Cave story palace and President Soekarno in Banyuwangi

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 Banyuwangi - One of the attractions in the National Park Alas Purwo is Cave Palace . In addition to tours, this cave is a favorite place for meditating ascetics . That said , President Sukarno had come to this cave .

detikTravel chance to stop by the entourage of the King 's Palace Cave Tourism some time ago . To reach this cave , we had to trekking as far as 2 kilometers from Pos Resort Pancur past bamboo forests . The atmosphere is still very natural , until you hear the sound of various birds shouted to each other .

Arriving at Cave Castle , we still had to climb dozens of steps. Instantly , the smell of incense feels so oppressive in the nose . Investigate a investigate , apparently Cave Palace is the place for meditating ascetics .

" Cave Palace can be regarded as tourist attractions ritual . Many Balinese Hindus who come here to pray . Additionally , there are certain groups who come to meditate from Sumatra , Java , and Borneo , " said National Park rangers Alas Purwo , Eko Priyanto .

Not surprisingly , there are a lot of incense and used cardboard or newspapers are used as the base for ascetics . According to Eko , the hermit who meditated here is to plead with the Almighty for sustenance and health .

Not only that , there is also a meditation to increase the ' knowledge ' . But I wonder , why the cave is called the palace ?

" According to the story of the local community , this cave was originally used by the people at the State Palace to meditate . Fact , President Sukarno said to never come here , " said Eko
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