The thrill ride of the Sunda Strait Ferry Crossing

Diposting oleh boy topan on Jumat, 06 Desember 2013 There are a couple of traveler who likes to cross to Sumatra using aircraft . But there is also love traveling by ship . If observed , many exciting activities that occur on board during the trip !

Last Saturday , I had originally intended to visit attractions in the region Pandeglang Holy Stone , then further culinary tourism and so forth . But as usual , I thought suddenly want to go to Lampung .

I think I want to ride the ferry, crossing the ocean . Then I want to set foot again in the land of Sumatra , but via the Sunda Strait .

That afternoon we went to Merak Port to cross the Sunda Strait towards Lampung , through the Port Bakauheni . Conditions port was indeed very quiet day . Once inside the area and pay the entrance fee , we were directed to board the ferry.

In the ship had entered several cars , motorcycles and also some big trucks . After parking the vehicle , we climbed into the passenger seat at the top .

I chose to sit at the very edge of the sea in order to see along the way . Before long , the crew began to pull rope from the dock and the ship eventually began to walk through the Sunda Strait .

At first I felt a little dizzy , but not for long. Maybe it's just a moment of seasickness . The trip began. The travel time to the Port of Merak Bakauheni spent about 2 hours .

In the ship 's own existing vending snacks , such as coffee , tea , noodles , and food is like. Oh yes , there is one interesting thing that I noticed . In the boat during the trip there is a kind of entertainment , one or two singers entertain the visitors . Surely entertainment Indonesian people , dangdut !

One more thing that I think is interesting . Inside the ship there was also a photographer services , where visitors who want to immortalize him on board can be photographed and get the results right away. He also gets a lot of customers there .

Until finally after a 2 hour drive we arrived at the Port of Bakauheni , Lampung . I finally set foot on land again Sumatra after so long !
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Holiday in singapura

Diposting oleh boy topan The small size of Singapore , is inversely related to the cultural diversity of interesting and high -level economies . Travelers can enjoy shopping , admiring the cool buildings , to eat delicious culinary .

Singapore visited by many foreign tourists . Singapore local people was made ​​up of various ethnic , ranging from Chinese , Malay ( called Peranakan ) , Indian , Eurasian ( Asian European descent ) , and others .

It is conceivable , culinary was certainly very interesting . Like char kwey teow , meehon satay , curry headfish , which were delicious tasty and delicious , Just imagine it makes me hungry . Variations in price also vary , from stalls cheap , until the very fancy restaurant drain the wallet . All options in Singapore . The country is also suitable for traveling alone , with friends crowded , couples , and even families .

The entertainment center is everywhere else . Freshness feels , because of the park in almost every area . Shopping center did not lose much , almost every mall has its own MRT station . For example , the existence of underground shopping mall that connects the Esplanade and City Hall . So , no need to stand panasan to move the MRT .

Which is currently being visited by many is the pride of Singapore itself, namely the Marina Bay Sands . Here there is a large mall , but if you go up to the rooftop , we can witness the spectacular views and interesting , to see the whole of Singapore from a single place, should be attempted . Another point of interest is already widely known is the Orchard Road and the Merlion , the symbol of a country that consists of half lion and half mermaid .

Orchard Road, filled with prestigious shops along the way . Can be achieved with the Orchard MRT station . Big Merlion in Sentosa Island , and a small one in the near Fullerton Hotel . Very exciting to sit down and read the afternoon , and saw crowds of people visiting the statue emblem of Singapore . Sentosa Island itself , many interesting attractions . Ranging from adventure , beach , restaurant to Universal Studios !

There are many ways to cross the bridge to Sentosa Island . Can walk , cable car , cars , taxis , and trains . The most frugal is a walking course and the most healthy , the most expensive with the cable car . Singapore is well connected with transport services MRT , taxis and buses . Taxis are not too expensive , but for a more efficient , can buy EZ link card for MRT and buses . Here is also very difficult to get lost , because all the signage is clear and we can certainly find a place sought .

From Singapore , can also visit the island of Bintan , Indonesia, using for 1 hour ferry from Tanah Merah . In one day there are about 10 departures from each place . Bintan Island is very famous among Singaporeans , especially for the weekend .

About 1.5 hours to fly from Jakarta . Singapore can provide a bit of freshness to a relaxing vacation with your partner or family . Do not forget to menyicip typical food of Singapore is very easy to find everywhere. When shopping , do not let a large peg of the pole .
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Down the trail Constantinople in Istanbul, Turkey

Diposting oleh boy topan Istanbul - Hagia Sophia , the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace is a favorite tourist destination 3 in Istanbul , Turkey . In three places , tourists can walk along the trail Constantinople the Ottoman dynasty in town in the past .

When it landed at Ataturk Airport , winds immediately welcomed . Although located in the center of Istanbul , the morning was like being in the Puncak area , West Java .

Although the local time is 7:10 o'clock , passing vehicle looks pretty solid . Not much different from other developed cities . But , the blue sky without a cloud in the middle of skyscrapers very distinguishing ordinary atmosphere we feel in Jakarta .

The first goal is to see exotic Istanbul to heritage buildings Constantinople , Hagia Sophia . It did not take long from the airport . After traveling without a hitch , a small road surrounded by tall buildings was passed .

This means that soon I will be arriving in the Hagia Sophia . The first impression when looking at the Hagia Sophia on the road is a large red brick building .

Lots of religious history in the old building is now a museum . With pay 25 Lira (USD 140,000 ) , all of the historical evidence you can see .

The inside of the building 's architecture as having exotic magic power that can make my skin crawl . Just when it looked into the roof of the old yellow building there is a painting of Our Lady . While the walls are decorated with caricatures of Prophet Muhammad beautiful . Hagia Sophia is a former church building that was converted into a mosque .

Just being in front of the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia there . The mosque, which has 9 dome was also believed to be Turkish nationals in lieu of Hagia Sophia whose function has been turned into a museum .

There is one thing that is interesting in the region . Answered the call to prayer sounded -replication . If you 're right in the middle of the second building , the call to prayer will be heard no rupture .

Not far from the site there is also the Topkapi Palace , the palace of the kings of the Ottoman dynasty . The palace is now converted into a tourist spot after the construction of a more modern Dolmabahçe Palace .
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Find Love at Bukit Kasih Manado indonesia

Diposting oleh boy topan on Minggu, 01 Desember 2013 Manado - Manado respect for the lives of five religions in Indonesia are depicted through a beautiful hill , Bukit Kasih name. Come to the Village Kanonang , Kawangkoan , you will feel very calm and peaceful inside .

Melipirlah moment to Minahasa , precisely around 55 kilometers from Manado City crowd . Winding and steep road that would give the impression traveler absorbed before reaching the hill . Mount of Love was built in 2002. Originally this place just as the religious center of Manado residents who want to meditate and pray .

This hill is also believed to be the ancestors of the original dwelling house of Minahasa . Travelers will see the carved faces of their ancestors who painted on one side of the hill . Unique !

Mount of Love has several levels where people used to call peaks . Of course, different sights you can see in there . You also must see a tower 53 meters tall white cross standing upright until now .

While at the peak of the next 5 places of worship are iconic . You will go through hundreds of steps before all the places it touched directly . The fifth house of worship was connected with the winding stairs .

In addition to typical breath of fresh air and enjoy the view of green hills , you would pray more fervently in the house of worship . Because cool air it could bring peace to anyone who visited .

Not only that , the Mount of Love also had a religious monument symbolizing 5 on each side of the pole . The monument of 22 meters high . You can see how all the people in Indonesia rukunnya of this hill . Mount of Love also offers a variety of convenient amenities such as recreation in other places .

This hill is a nice original and already offer to travelers of all series of the beautiful natural beauty of Manado and religious tolerance . So no one you can find love and quiet atmosphere while in the hills

Do not forget to also breathe fresh air deeply and close your eyes for a moment while on the hill . Waiting for, let's carry your backpack or suitcase push came to Manado and stop by the Mount of Love .
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Lake Tondano Pride Manado

Diposting oleh boy topan Manado - Going vacation to Manado, the traveler must stop at the Lake Tondano are proud residents there . Tondano lake located in the northern city of Manado . Expansive lake and the air is cool , it will make the traveler smitten .

When to Manado Remboken walk to village , near Tomohon , which takes about 3 hours from Manado . Before arriving at the beautiful Lake Tondano , traveler will be accompanied by green rice fields and winding street style plateau . Obviously , this lake seems to be above an altitude of 600 meters above sea level .

Every day the lake area of ​​4,278 hectares is always visited by many tourists from many countries who are curious about the handsome lake . Mountain and hill will you see when sitting relaxed on all sides of the lake . Travelers can see clearly Mount Kaweng equally beautiful .

Enjoying Lake Tondano could also do with a lot of action . Travelers can walk along the breadth of the lake with a boat ride motorcycles with a capacity of 10 passengers and pay Rp 50,000 for rent nearby residents . If you get bored , you can also fish for freshwater lakeside abuzz .

Not only was it the second action , a traveler is free to do anything over there with no record of harm . Travelers will see the bustle of nearby residents who depend on the lake . Travel more is better able to come to a small island in the middle of Lake Tondano named Likri Island . Wow !

Around Lake Tondano traveler could try eating at many stalls lined culinary . Many traditional foods like super spicy Manado woku pots and herb marinated grilled fish strong . Be careful for those who do not like spicy , there are many others who traded on the menu there .

Do not worry , a traveler wants to stay at the resort lodgings scattered in the region of Lake Tondano can . There are many resorts that offer special with various facilities . Naturally beautiful view of Lake Tondano will not escape through the window of the room diinapi . Resorts there priced from Rp 175 thousand .

In addition to spending time at Lake Tondano , Travelers can also walk to the many attractions adjacent to the lake this handsome . Like Sumaru Endo Leleko Village , District Remboken , Minahasa . Sumaro Endo is cheap recreational vehicle nan complete and well known traveler . Happy holidays !
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Path Middle Mountains of Papua indonesia

Diposting oleh boy topan Path central highlands of Papua is a challenge for the adventurous traveler who hooked . The road is rocky , steep, slippery , and cold air is able to pierce the bone . Traces of the explorer team trying to get through this challenging track !

Adventurers traces his steps back set down in New Guinea . With fronted by Medina Kamil , adventurous trail team will divide the central mountains of Papua . Beginning of the District Kurima to endpoint in the central highlands of Papua . Rocky terrain , steep, slick and cool temperatures will be a friend of the team members . Although tired , but a variety of scenery , fresh air and cool springs ready esophagus injection of adrenaline into the team to re- excited . Teamwork , porter and all parties involved be key to the success of this trip .

Interaction between Team Traces Petulang and local porters make this trip into a story full of unique and distinctive as the leaves diwoka Papua and Papua camshaft or knitted bags .

Finally the trip ended in Yogosem District . In addition to seeing traditional houses called honai , Medina also see the traditional clothing that has begun to be abandoned by residents , usually only the old who still use it up , make fire traditionally practiced did not forget .

There is also a so-called palm forest , delicious fruit that is favored by the locals, saw the whole adventure in the middle of the mountain path in the footsteps of adventurers dated July 16, 2013
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Weekend, Narsis in Surakarta

Diposting oleh boy topan Besides shopping at Pasar Klewer, tasting Pie Notosuman or weekly night at Galabo, you'll need to visit the on Solo Keraton Surakarta. Impressive residence Pakubuwono Sultan is very beautiful, perfect for a narcissist!

When traveling to Solo City two years ago, it feels incomplete if you do not visit the Keraton Surakarta. Entrance to palace there are rules that we must follow. Among these may not wear hats, and slippers must be detached. But if the shoes, you can still wear it.

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Geylang, Area Adult in Singapore

Diposting oleh boy topan Singapore - Amsterdam could have the Red Light District , Bangkok has Patpong , then you 've got the Geylang Singapore . This is the area of ​​' adult ' filter in many qaimin . Singapore seems to have face hidden , other world shopping .

Nightclub 's hours menunjukan at 22.00 Singapore time . Pain in the freshness of the air Mon . The rain just membasahi filter hot asphalt surface when detikTravel been to Singapore a few time ago.

So I just got the Singapore face a systematic , gemerlap shopping and world . Singapore actually has a different face cards seem slightly hidden except for Mahasurya entertainment nights . Demikianlah when the cab driver to replace us a street where many of the target despite late nights Hearts .

Our generations in Hallway 18 , in the area of ​​Geylang . Yes , this is the area of ​​red light district in Singapore alias region adult . Instead mengajari , but faktanya indeed place Such is indeed wrong . Its si taxi driver , 18 Lorong local prostitution is legal .

" In another street , if they had any police ( women ) all run, " said taxi driver si .

International 18 is a street cards only work dilalui 2 cars . Around a dozen hospitals in bordil berjejer along this road . Length of road about 300 meters .

Once seen from outside , the women 's sex penjaja are in a room with a glass aquarium Such WS WS shim . They bersenda Gura got to wait consumer cards are converted . Our no mistake mengeluarkan camera , because the worst I Have Such less secure seen bringing kamera.Next
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