The thrill ride of the Sunda Strait Ferry Crossing

Diposting oleh boy topan on Jumat, 06 Desember 2013 There are a couple of traveler who likes to cross to Sumatra using aircraft . But there is also love traveling by ship . If observed , many exciting activities that occur on board during the trip !

Last Saturday , I had originally intended to visit attractions in the region Pandeglang Holy Stone , then further culinary tourism and so forth . But as usual , I thought suddenly want to go to Lampung .

I think I want to ride the ferry, crossing the ocean . Then I want to set foot again in the land of Sumatra , but via the Sunda Strait .

That afternoon we went to Merak Port to cross the Sunda Strait towards Lampung , through the Port Bakauheni . Conditions port was indeed very quiet day . Once inside the area and pay the entrance fee , we were directed to board the ferry.

In the ship had entered several cars , motorcycles and also some big trucks . After parking the vehicle , we climbed into the passenger seat at the top .

I chose to sit at the very edge of the sea in order to see along the way . Before long , the crew began to pull rope from the dock and the ship eventually began to walk through the Sunda Strait .

At first I felt a little dizzy , but not for long. Maybe it's just a moment of seasickness . The trip began. The travel time to the Port of Merak Bakauheni spent about 2 hours .

In the ship 's own existing vending snacks , such as coffee , tea , noodles , and food is like. Oh yes , there is one interesting thing that I noticed . In the boat during the trip there is a kind of entertainment , one or two singers entertain the visitors . Surely entertainment Indonesian people , dangdut !

One more thing that I think is interesting . Inside the ship there was also a photographer services , where visitors who want to immortalize him on board can be photographed and get the results right away. He also gets a lot of customers there .

Until finally after a 2 hour drive we arrived at the Port of Bakauheni , Lampung . I finally set foot on land again Sumatra after so long !

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