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Raja Ampat , West Papua region ,Indonesia  possess outstanding natural beauty . Can make us stunned when saw .

History and Origin of Raja Ampat

The origin of the name of Raja Ampat by local myth comes from a woman who found seven eggs . Four grains of which hatch into four princes who separated and each became king ruling in Waigeo , Salawati , Misool Misool East and West . Meanwhile, three other eggs became a ghost , a woman , and a stone . ( adapted from wikipedia )

In the course of history , the Raja Ampat region has long been inhabited by fishing communities and apply the customary system of Maluku . In this system , the people are members of a village community . Each village is led by a king . Since the founding of two Muslim sultanate in the Moluccas , Raja Ampat became part of the Sultanate of Tidore claims . After the defeat of the Dutch Empire Tidore , Raja Ampat Islands became part of the Dutch East Indies claim . ( adapted from wikipedia )

Raja Ampat

According to reliable information , Raja Ampat is one of the 10 best waters for diving sites around the world . In fact , it may also be recognized as number one for the completeness of underwater flora and fauna at this time .

Fish in the sea charm


In Raja Ampat , there are several areas of coral reefs that are still very good condition , namely in the Dampier Strait ( the strait between P. and P. Waigeo Batanta ) , Kofiau islands , archipelagic South East Misool and Wayag Islands . Types of coral reefs that many encounter in Raja Ampat is a fringing reef with gentle slope to steep contour also atoll types and types scorched or taka . In some places, such as village Saondarek , when the lowest tides , coral reefs can be seen without a dive and with his own adaptation , corals can still be alive despite being in the open air and direct sunlight .

scenic diving in Raja Ampat

Sunsetnya atmosphere was no less exciting with the underwater scenery .

Raja Ampat , is really a beauty that will not be forgotten .


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1 . Gunung Rinjani , NTB

Rinjani has panaroma is arguably the best among the mountains in Indonesia . Each year ( June-August ) visited by many nature lovers from local residents , students , nature lovers . Temperatures average about 20 ° C ; Lowest 12 ° C. Strong winds are common at peak in August . Lucky end of this July , the wind is still quite weak and quite sunny weather , so the climb to the top can be done anytime .

Mount Rinjani - NTB
2 . Island of Komodo , NTT

Komodo National Park ( Komodo TN. ) is an area that consists of several islands with sea water . These islands are the habitat of the Komodo dragon ( Varanus komodoensis ) is an ancient reptile remains in the earth . Unique natural conditions , there is a vast savanna with trees lontarnya ( Borassus flabellifer ) .

3 . Raja Ampat Islands , West Papua

Raja Ampat Islands is an archipelago located in the western province of Papua New Guinea in the West , precisely at the head of birds of Papua . The archipelago is the purpose of divers who are interested in the beauty of the underwater scenery .

Raja Ampat - West Papua
4 . Kawah Ijen , East Java

Kawah Ijen volcano is one tourist attraction in Indonesia . Ijen is a famous tourist attraction , which has been known by the domestic and foreign tourists for its natural beauty and marine .

Kawah Ijen - East Java
5 . Carstensz Pyramid , Papua

Indonesia should be proud with the uniqueness and richness of nature and tradition masayarakatnya . This time , Carstensz Pyramid or what could be called a glorious peak , also in Papua . Carstensz 's peak is the highest peak in Australia and Oceania .

Cartensz Pyramid - Papua
6 . Mount Anak Krakatau , Sunda Strait

Krakatau is a volcanic archipelago that are still active and located in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra . This name ever pinned on a volcanic peak there were , because of the eruption on 26-27 August 1883 , then vanished . Very powerful eruptions and the resulting tsunami killed about 36,000 people


Holiday In Indonesia

Diposting oleh boy topan on Senin, 03 Maret 2014  you know indonesia? indonesia is very beatiful country and that very beautiful city and beach. Indonesia is country that any beach beautiful such as, kuta bali, see my photo here..

 you know thats very beautiful gays.., and i visit kuta bali and you know that make memory in my live.
And i visit komodo island , you can see my photo...

yeach... that komodo island gays..., very beautiful.. 
and this my story in holiday in indonesia. thank you....

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Holiday In Karimunjawa Island Indonesia

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 For most travelers, a vacation to the island of Karimun is merely wishful thinking. When it happen the first time, of course it's so unforgettable experience. Make sure karimunjawa so this 2014 holiday plans. 

This is a 3 day 2 night experience exciting in Karimun. Last Saturday, my three friends and I went to the island of Karimun. Departure from Solo approximately at 04:30 pm and until Jepara city dock at 10:00 am by passing a tough road. 

Because, all the way up Demak Purwodadi many roads are damaged. Exactly at 11.00 am we started to cross over to the island of Karimun and right at 13.00 pm we arrived at the dock and ready to start our adventure in Karimun. Greeted the welcome gate, we enjoyed the mangrove trees, eating grilled fish, enjoy snorkeling the coral reefs. We are also challenged in the pool shark adrenaline and enjoy Panti Nirvana.

This so amazing baby...,you can visit this in karimunjawa island in indonesia and you can see my another image about this holiday in karimunjawa island...

and this my picture again...

yeach...thats my holiday in indonesia ,so beautiful country...

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Technorati Claim

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Sunrise on the beautiful Lake Toba

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As Indonesia's largest lake, Lake Toba in North Sumatra has a beautiful landscape, with the island of Samosir in the middle. Lake Toba increasingly look beautiful during sunrise.

Enjoying the morning at Lake Toba, we could see the fog that covered the morning. After sunrise we are presented with the blue sky in Lake Toba.
You can see my photo:

so beautiful baby....?
and you can see my another post in this blog...

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is all abou my travel and you know ? i love my live and all about that , you can see my photo in this blog,

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