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1 . Gunung Rinjani , NTB

Rinjani has panaroma is arguably the best among the mountains in Indonesia . Each year ( June-August ) visited by many nature lovers from local residents , students , nature lovers . Temperatures average about 20 ° C ; Lowest 12 ° C. Strong winds are common at peak in August . Lucky end of this July , the wind is still quite weak and quite sunny weather , so the climb to the top can be done anytime .

Mount Rinjani - NTB
2 . Island of Komodo , NTT

Komodo National Park ( Komodo TN. ) is an area that consists of several islands with sea water . These islands are the habitat of the Komodo dragon ( Varanus komodoensis ) is an ancient reptile remains in the earth . Unique natural conditions , there is a vast savanna with trees lontarnya ( Borassus flabellifer ) .

3 . Raja Ampat Islands , West Papua

Raja Ampat Islands is an archipelago located in the western province of Papua New Guinea in the West , precisely at the head of birds of Papua . The archipelago is the purpose of divers who are interested in the beauty of the underwater scenery .

Raja Ampat - West Papua
4 . Kawah Ijen , East Java

Kawah Ijen volcano is one tourist attraction in Indonesia . Ijen is a famous tourist attraction , which has been known by the domestic and foreign tourists for its natural beauty and marine .

Kawah Ijen - East Java
5 . Carstensz Pyramid , Papua

Indonesia should be proud with the uniqueness and richness of nature and tradition masayarakatnya . This time , Carstensz Pyramid or what could be called a glorious peak , also in Papua . Carstensz 's peak is the highest peak in Australia and Oceania .

Cartensz Pyramid - Papua
6 . Mount Anak Krakatau , Sunda Strait

Krakatau is a volcanic archipelago that are still active and located in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra . This name ever pinned on a volcanic peak there were , because of the eruption on 26-27 August 1883 , then vanished . Very powerful eruptions and the resulting tsunami killed about 36,000 people

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