Holiday In Karimunjawa Island Indonesia

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 For most travelers, a vacation to the island of Karimun is merely wishful thinking. When it happen the first time, of course it's so unforgettable experience. Make sure karimunjawa so this 2014 holiday plans. 

This is a 3 day 2 night experience exciting in Karimun. Last Saturday, my three friends and I went to the island of Karimun. Departure from Solo approximately at 04:30 pm and until Jepara city dock at 10:00 am by passing a tough road. 

Because, all the way up Demak Purwodadi many roads are damaged. Exactly at 11.00 am we started to cross over to the island of Karimun and right at 13.00 pm we arrived at the dock and ready to start our adventure in Karimun. Greeted the welcome gate, we enjoyed the mangrove trees, eating grilled fish, enjoy snorkeling the coral reefs. We are also challenged in the pool shark adrenaline and enjoy Panti Nirvana.

This so amazing baby...,you can visit this in karimunjawa island in indonesia and you can see my another image about this holiday in karimunjawa island...

and this my picture again...

yeach...thats my holiday in indonesia ,so beautiful country...

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